Walk Across and Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

Walk Across and Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge Tour, Australia

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the iconic landmark of Sydney harbour and is a heritage-listed steel through the arch bridge and can be seen all across the Sydney harbour. The bridge is known for bicycle, vehicular and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney Central business district(CBD) and also the North Shore. The view of the bridge from the harbour and nearby Sydney Opera House is an iconic image of Sydney with Australia itself. “The Coathanger” is nickname to the bridge and an arch-based design with bridge’s design and built by British Firm Dorman Long and Co Ltd. of Middlesbrough and it got opened in 1932.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge got added to the Australian National Heritage List on 19 March 2007 and with the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 25 June 1999.The walk across and climb Sydney Harbour Bridge with the harness along with famous steel arch and also get to know the fantastic history of the bridge. The panoramic views on a lower level with many free things to do in Sydney and the circular Quay side of the harbour which one can see from “The Rocks District”. The pedestrian walkway along with wandering across to the other side along with catching the train back to the city from Milsons Point.

There is a pedestrian walkway on the Eastern side of Sydney Harbour Bridge and it offers some of the best views of Sydney harbour and access to walkway which gives the easy Walk across and Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge. The “guided walk” across the bridge which makes the Opera House and Circular Quay on the way. The walk from the northern side of the bridge helps to catch ferry to Milsons Point to Circular Quay on the way.The Southern side of the bridge from the southern side of the bridge is from the northern side and with stairs in Cumberland street, The Rocks.

The walk across and Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge is a though to be followed from one generation to another as the iconic bridge has The Australian Flag flying on it’s top center and from there the best panoramic view of the city could be seen with the Sydney Opera House in all white.The bridge stairs across to the Fort Street from the Rocks is the another iconic point and it looks like a sturdy ferry which is sailing with the sea looking on the other side.The bridge stairs are found between the Glenmore Hotel and The Rocks YHA/ Big Dig archaeological site.

The walking over the Harbour Bridge and then getting down at Milsons Point has been done the point says Cahil walk and it feels like talking a walk across and Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge again and again. So, the feeling of walk the talk or feel the walk makes sense as the world has seen much of the things happening by walk and foot soldier is the one who gets much accolade than the horse rider thus giving walking a best of the sense in life by the bird’s eye view of the entire city of Sydney.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Spring Season: September to November

Autumn Season: March to May