Rail transport in Australia

Australia's first rail system was built when the country which consisted of sparsely settled colonies along with combining to form a Federation of States in 1901. The middle of the 1800’s saw people travelling from all parts of Australia who were in the Australian continent with the help of horse-drawn transport system with various colonies and it saw rapid development. The track and rolling systems got imported with most of the equipment getting developed made on a local basis. The railways got initially operated by the private companies and whether it was the hinterland or the sea-ports the trains transport in Australia was connected keeping in mind the larger picture.

If one wants to know about the first railways in each territory then the Sydney Railway Company saw the building of trains in 1849. The station were Sydney and Parramatta in New South Wales.

Victoria: The first railway line in Australia which opened between Melbourne’s Finders Street Station along with Port Melbourne. The railway got converted to a 1435 mm gauge electric railway which was giving an uplift through Melbourne tram system.

The trains transport in Australia have a crucial aspect with the Australian transport network and the rail in Australia with a large extent based on with state transport system. There are private operators with state government agencies along with Federal Government who give fund for working on national projects. The Rail transport in Australia has at times being neglected in favour of Australian road transport network.

The national issues over railway got fixed as soon the network got developed and the colony-based rail networks changed into uniform gauge and electrification bought a significant development in railways. The Milestones in Indian Railways was to be seen between 1831 till date and the introduction of tram services along with the modern Sydney trains connecting the nearby cities bought the best for railways.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation is one of the federal government based company which is owned by the federal government. The funding helps to make the different rail projects such as Auslink which established a defined national network with important road and rail infrastructure links.

Rail Infrastructure: The construction and maintenance of network infrastructure with non-profit government bodies along with the other railways continue to be integrated under National Competition Policy.

The rail freight which is a major way to transport goods such as coal and minerals from the mines or the sugar cane with special dedicated train corridor for transporting the sugar cane to sugar mills has made the services of trains much necessary for the freight movement.

The long-distance passenger with rail and regional rail with most of the operation on a state-by-state basis have made the regional rail work on various rail lines.

The urban rail which could be seen with the connecting of Sydney trains or the Metro Trains Sydney and Adelaide Metro has made the train system to be popular as it runs on time and the cities like Perth, Queensland along with many others are connected from nearby towns.

The urban light trains and trams along with tourist and heritage railways come under the luxury trains and it further helps to give way to commuters with much of the style quotient with better facilities.

Thus, the trains transport in Australia is very efficient and soon the introduction of fast rail system will add to the rapid movement of trains.