Queen Street Mall Shopping Brisbane, Australia

Queen Street Mall Shopping Brisbane, Australia

The Queen Street Mall Shopping Brisbane is one of the mall which is approximately up to 500 meters from the George Street to Edward Street and it has more than 700 retailers over 40,000 square meters. The footfall here is very large and it receives more than 26 million visitors every year as it is also known as the central business district. The mall was designed by Robin Gibson who is the prominent architect behind the mall designing and also the mall went refurbishment of $25,000,000 in 1999. The Brisbane city council does all the major works from development of precinct to the other developments in the area of Queen Street Mall.

The mall is dotted around with several significant shopping centers which are located on the Queen Street Mall shopping Brisbane. It also includes the Wintergarden which opened in 1982 and also along with The Myer Center which further opened in 1988. The Wintergarden has also a three level shopping center with over 70 speciality stores and it includes a gymnasium with the ten pin bowling alley. The new Wintergarden also is known for the premier shopping destinations which is known for it’s impressive architectural site and has almost 200 stores which is spread across the 6 floors within the Queensland’s largest departmental store with Myer, Target & Birch along with Caroll and Coyle being the prominent one’s.

The Queen Street Mall shopping Brisbane location is in the heart of Brisbane City and the lifestyle and shopping mall see all the major shop and brands. The open-air pedestrian which gets into an unrivalled mix of stores not less than 700 is also a place to celebrate with friends and family along with a hub of fun and entertainment. The big names and flagships whether it is in the street frontage along with smaller boutiques and stores get tucked inside the world-class shopping centers with considering it as a heritage-listed arcades are developed in the mall. The Queens Plaza which is also a three levels of luxury designer stores and Coles Supermarket is certainly different from many other locations which have shopping malls.

The two other historic arcades which has the three level Brisbane arcade along with local artisans and jewelers with fashion designers take the arcade to display and sell their prominent articles. The mall also held galleries to film festivals along with park picnics to rooftop cocktails making it a complete place for fun and enjoyment. The Queen Street Mall shopping Brisbane is known to held more than 1000 events and it also has the facilities with Cafe, Carpark along with food and refreshments with public telephone and public toilet which are needed as the basic amenities. The mall is also disabled friendly and also has a parents room which makes it family friendly and easy for watching any events or window shopping along with buying when the entire family is together as the family members can relax who are elders along with toddlers.

So, one can say that it is certainly worth a visit for people getting to Brisbane and they will find it attractive for enjoying the place and cherish memory for a long time.

Location:- Brisbane City, Australia

Distances from Queen Street Mall Shopping Brisbane:-

Brisbane City : 0.75 KM

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Sydney City : 914.2 KM

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