Perth International Arts Festival, Australia

Perth International Arts Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: The Perth International Festival is Australia’ s longest running cultural festival which is held annually in Western Australia. The festival is held every year from February to March at the LotteryWest Film Festivals which is run from November to April and the Perth Writers Festivals which occurs in February. The artistic director will be Iain Grandage from the year 2021 to 2023 and with the current year executive director is Nathan Bennett for 2019, The festival was created in 1953 by the University of Western Australia along with making it the oldest international arts festival in Australia. It is also the state which includes dance, theatre, music and film with visual arts programme and also the literature.

How to Celebrate Festival: The festival also integrates with many other events which also includes the Perth Writers Festival and 23-26 February. The PIAF opens with the commissioned work from Western Australia. The three extraordinary nights Kings Park and also transforms with a cathedral of the light, sound and the imagery which also explores the biodiversity and the beauty of the six seasons of the South Western Australia and the Australian debut with the contemporary circus production by name of Nouveau Cirque Du Vietnam which is set to amaze along with giving delight to the whole family. The live music which is a part of the festival with dazzling array of juggling and balancing along with contortion and daring feats.

The Perth International Arts festival was first of all created in 1953 by the University of Western Australia and it makes the oldest international arts festival. The Western Australia further supports the festival with the provision of services along with resources and the Lotterywest has also supported the festival financially since 1992. The festival also relies on the corporate sponsors along with the partnerships for the funding with the new organizations which also get involved with each other. The Perth’s festival which is also known earlier as the Perth’s festival and has poetry with literature as components of the larger festival and it certainly grew year after year. The year 2000 saw the festival getting the status of getting recognized by publishers from interstate and overseas and also the authors included notable writers from Australia and overseas by the name of Germaine Greer and Hilary Mantle.

Perth which is already known for much of the performance in sports found to be in records stated here and also the city with many revealing works of arts has been endowed with it’s summer in Perth along with the Perth International Arts Festival and with the summer on the air the work could be seen creating it’s own historical festivals and events with creation of human towers of power. The various events which could be seen as the Barber shop chronicle along with 12 high-energy performances with josh and joust their way into the secret men’s business along with the discussion of various feats at Newsroom, local hot spot, upbeat music and humour and the razor sharp insight which is certainly a way to enjoy the festival making the program’s a success and events a major hit at international level.

Location: Perth, Australia