Parasailing in Cairns, Australia

Parasailing in Cairns Tour, Australia

The parasailing is not only the recreational activity but it is a personal feeling to soar in the sky tied to a parachute and feeling the air gushing from all sides.The harness is attached to the canopy wing resembling a parachute which gets rowed by a parasailing wing.The activity is primarily a fun ride but is now also a sport in many part of the world and people get certification after getting trained under an instructor.The commercial operations of parasailing is done all over the world and parasailing in Cairns is not only best ways to see Cairns and waterways with completely surrounded by rainforest mountains.The adventure is completely packaged with airport transfers and the private charter tours at Cairns have given a sense of security.

The parasailing in Cairns is one of the gliding dance on warm waters which is in the Far North of the Queensland Tropical Air and has the bird’s eye view can be found only when the person reaches the high up in the sky.The rainforest which is a quintessential part of Australian Forest Reserves and even the powerful boat takes to a height even when the parachute is tied with the boat it takes to a height of 300 metre giving the air coming with all gust of energy. The rainforest and the city which could be seen from up and above makes the best part of the adventure tour.

The good thing about a guided tour is that the parasailing in Cairns has all safety equipment provided with life jackets and the stunning views over the Cairns and Trinity Inlet. The duration could not be more than 10 minutes with real daredevilry attached as although it may look as easy as a cakewalk but certainly there are few dangers attached to it. Although, the adventure seekers with parasailing is certainly a great experience and the adventure package combo above whilst parasailing is a great experiences.The safe and gentle parachute is certainly lifted off the deck and the person might be lucky enough to see dolphins along with giant turtles who are aquatic native and near the mainland.

The first ascending-gliding parachute which was developed by Pierre-Marcel Lemiogne in 1962 and the technique allows parachutists to get into a defined altitude thus creating fine balance between sea and sky.The people who love to get associated with the activity should be finding the certification provided by the leading trade associations to the agent helping or working as paragliding company.The parasailing in Cairns which is very much advanced these days as it is necessary to understand the safety measures with radios, variometers, along with GPS units which helps in flying and thus the team which has trained professionals along with the rider is safe while towing up and above in the sky.The experience is not only a thrill but it is not only limited to any particular age group and thus it gets open to all the people devoid of age and people of more than 80 years could also be seen taking this activity with aplomb.

Location: Cairns City, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Autumn Season: April to May

Spring Season: September to October