Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Australia

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Tour, Australia

About Festival: The Melbourne Food and Wine festival is an event held in March annually since 1993 to promote Melbourne and also the Victoria’s food and wine culture. The festival has a board of management and is also supported by the small team which is responsible for the coordination of its events along with the close collaboration with Victoria’s food and wine industry. The Melbourne food and wine festival began in 1993 and it has altogether 12 events. Since, its inception the annual fest has grown annually and the festival claims to attract the food and wine experts from all across the world which includes the chefs and winemakers with wine growers along with food and wine commentators and critics.

How to Celebrate Festival:The 2012 international Melbourne Food and Wine festival individuals with attendance which includes some of the big names such as the food critic Matt Preston who was previously the festival creative director and the 2009 Melbourne Food and Wine festival was one of his last. The food and wine lovers were found to gather in hundreds and thousands of years which is all about indulgence in the events which fill the Melbourne’s labyrinthine network of the restaurants along with laneways and the lights-turned down basements which also includes dizzying at rooftops as well as spilling into the spectacular regional Victoria. The Melbourne food and wine festival are also about the supporting and cultivating the many things which male Melbourne and the surrounding regions which has become the world’s favorite gastronomic playground.

The food quality is all about the five-star style along with dining to food trucks and found to be akin with prepared by master chef in terms of winemakers along with the best of food. The wine in the festivals which gives visitors some great way to enjoy for visitors with the literal taste of showcasing the best in terms of the world class produce from the vineyards helps to enjoy the Melbourne Food And Wine Festival. The kicking off the festival which is on March 8 and is found to be the highlights on the jam-packed roster with the tasty treats that also includes celebrity Chef Shane Delia who pays homage to the Melbourne’s culinary pioneers and with the sunset cruise with Stokehouse team.

The festival is known to run for 17 days from Friday with the date from March 8 to Sunday, March 24 and is also known to open with the Melbourne’s World’s longest lunch and it closes with river Graze all along the Yarra River at the Southbank on the closing weekend. The new regional weekend which is found to be with food and wine experiences all across the state gets held from March 15 to Sunday March the 17th. The various venues which span across CBD and Suburban Melbourne along with regional areas from Echuca to the Jindivick. Also, some of the regional world’s longest lunches are found to be at the 16 picturesque locations which are a part of the well known events.

Location: Melbourne, Australia