Labour Day Public Holiday, Australia

About Labour Day Festival: The labour day is although celebrated in almost every country and also the Labor Day Australia Holiday with Eight hours Day in Tasmania and as usual the day falls in the First week of May.The country has seen contributions towards the nation’s economy by the labour and thus they are the man-force for any nation. The commemorative day is celebrated in the name of Lenin in Soviet Russia but soon it spread all over the world just to give importance to the equal right to the workers or the labour. The labour day is considered as an annual public holiday to celebrate the eight-hour working day with victory for the workers in the mid-late 19th Century.

Labour Day Festival Celebration: The country has seen many progressive thought and changes in the work module for the labors who were not given equal rights and the human rights were violated in many countries. Each person has to have eight hours labour along with eight hours recreation and eight hours rest helping the person to work in a better condition. The Labour Day Australia Holiday could be said to give emphasis for the people who put their thoughts behind pushing the significant improvement in the contribution for labour. The people asked for many equal pays along with better working conditions and also it all started in Sydney during the year 1855.

The stone queries or the mason workers staged a well-organized protest and the fight was for an eight-hour day with other members of the building trade. They downed tools and walked to the parliament house with ending all the labour problems.The working conditions were rather harsh and also demanding with women being paid less than men. The various people who were associated with different trade such as tinsmiths, tailors, metal workers and stone masons along with boot-makers were among the groups which asked for officially asking for 5-days working. The Labour Day Australia Day is although celebrated on May 2 in Australia but in other parts of the world it is celebrated on May 1.

The labour Day in Australia is known as Eight-Hour Day in Tasmania and also known as May day in the Northern Territory. There are various processions such as Marches or the parades which happens all the way and in Queensland it is generally celebrated depending on the elected State Government at the time. The labour day generally falls on a long weekend and people take time to relax, spend time with friends or the family members along with playing and watching sports. The barbecues are another way to enjoy the fun weekend and it is all about the food along with activities such as picnics, bush-walking, camping and wine tasting at different wineries.

Although, the labour day is a tradition followed for more than a century but the important annual event reminds of the various struggle in the life of labour who work in building nations and with that it makes necessary to understand the value of hard-work and dedication which is portrayed even by the ants who almost work with same value in building their colonies and then carry on with the better lifestyle!

Labour Day Canada Date and Day (Australian NCT, New South Wales and South Australia):-

2025 Festival Date: Monday, 6 October

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 7 October

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 2 October

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 3 October

2021 Festival Date: Monday, 4 October

2020 Festival Date: Monday, 5 October

2019 Festival Date: Monday, 7 October

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual