Dine under the stars at Uluru, Australia

Dine under the stars at Uluru Tour, Australia

Dining under the stars is one of the perfect way to enjoy for a foodie and the food which is made in the places like a significant garden gets natural aroma and the variety of food with hospitality staff who cater well and the person gets great satisfaction.The people don’t only travel for food but the Dine under the stars at Uluru is the biggest thing to happen here. There are various restaurants at Uluru but the theme based restaurants which can be said dining in the open is the one which is all about getting attracted to the unique desert location.

The dining option which gets to enjoy incredible landscape has also evolved and one could find in addition to Uluru which is the field of light the Bruce-Munro-designed lightbulb landscape.The offer to dine under the stars at Uluru and at the “Field of light”-The Bruce Munro-designed lightbulb landscape has been one of the huge hit with visitors.The dining experiences which ranges from the cup of tea and also damper to Tali Wiru which is the four course dune-top dinner and costs around $360 a head. The “life-changing” experience can be said which happens once you drink and dine here and it gives enjoyment of a lifetime.

The "Sounds of Silence" which is almost more than 25 years in terms of service and has become a tourist attraction in its own right. Voyages, which is the hotel group that runs the Al Fresco dinners along with first-under the stars I.e. dining and touring experiences in Australia and also perhaps the world. The dine under the stars at Uluru has become not only a way to enjoy the dining and touring in Australia but has become the buffet where everything is a gourmet. The examples could be barramundi, emu and crocodile, kangaroo, salads along with indigenous ingredients and the desserts which makes it a great option to dine under the stars at Uluru.

The food is not only confined to dining but the sandwiches, cakes and coffee are a part of Kulata Academy Cafe which is served at standard cafe fare including sandwiches, cakes, coffee and milkshakes.The Run by Voyages which operates as national indigenous training academy from where around 100 young Indigenous Australians go for hospitality career each year. There is no cafe at Uluru itself and the order or pick-up with packed lunch to take away along with enjoying at the day at the rock. The breakfast at the field of light where artist Bruce Munro has planted 50,000 bulbs near the base of Uluru and one could dine under the stars at Uluru thus enjoying the foods and Australian Wine.

The Uluru is a place where one could do world’s best stargazing and since there is no light pollution the stars are quite visible and also seems near to the earth.The star guide who has some good experience go with a laser pointer along with giving tour of the northern sky and it is followed by traditional dreamtime stories making the destination a place of enjoyment as well as understand Western Astronomy.

Location: Yulara NT, Australia

Best Time to Visit:

Spring Season: September to November

Autumn Season: March to May

Winter Season: June to August

Summer Season: December-February