Toowoomba City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Temperature Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 20-May-2024

About Toowoomba City destination: Toowoomba is a modern city which is located in Queensland state of the Australia country. Toowoomba city nearest other major city is Brisbane city which exact 125.2 KM distance via road transport. It is a very well destination to explore local Australian people culture and modern life.

Distance from Toowoomba City: Toowoomba city is very good connected to other Australian regional places via air, train and road transport.

  • Toowoomba city is exact 83.5 KM distance from Dalby city.
  • Toowoomba city is exact 36.7 KM distance from Gatton city.
  • Toowoomba city is exact 142.5 KM distance from Stanthorpe town.
  • Toowoomba city is exact 83.5 KM distance from Warwick town.
  • Toowoomba city is exact 125.2 KM distance from Brisbane city.
  • Toowoomba city is exact 179.7 KM distance from Gold Coast city.
  • Toowoomba city is exact 219.4 KM distance from Sunshine Coast city.
  • Toowoomba city is exact 869.5 KM distance from Sydney city.

Australia Tour: It is a good plan to enjoy time in Australia country. Australia is a developed and nature rich country which neighbour countries are Indonesia country, Papua New Guinea country, Fiji country and New Zealand country. Australia country some major cities are Melbourne port city, Sydney port and commercial city, Brisbane city, Perth city, Adelaide city and many more. Foreign countries tourists can come to Australia country via air and water transport where has many international airports and seaports on its major cities.

Summer and winter both seasons are good to spend time in Australia country. Its has lots of national natural parks where has different types of the birds, threes, and animals to watch. Australia country also snow fall in some region which are located between Melbourne to Sydney city. It is a good destination to do different types of the water sports activities on its beaches which the most famous beaches are located in Gold Coast city. Europe tour vacation booking, Japan tour vacation and Switzerland tour vacation booking.

Toowoomba City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 17.7 17.6 16.4 13.5 10.0 7.5 6.6 7.5 10.5 12.9 14.8 16.6
Average High (℃) 28.4 27.5 26.1 23.3 19.8 17.0 16.7 18.7 22.3 24.5 26.3 27.6

How can come to Toowoomba City: Toowoomba modern city is very good connected to other Native places via air, train and road transport. Other countries people can come to city via air and water transport which nearest international seaport and airport is located in Brisbane city (124 KM distance).

Air Transport: Toowoomba City Aerodrome (TWB) is a regional airport where passengers can get air transport to other native places.

Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport is an international airport where passengers can get air flights to other international countries and Australian regional places also.

Road Transport: Australia is a developed country where has excellent road transport network which all villages, town and cities connected modern roads.

Train Transport: Toowoomba city has a busy railway station where passengers can get trains to other major cities of the country.

Toowoomba City tourists attractions: Toowoomba city has some famous places to visit which some are Mt Kent Observatory - University of Southern Queensland, Warraba Sunflowers, Federation park, Helen's Gate, Fordsdale Farmstay, Tenthill Conservation Park, Tenthill Conservation Park, Highfields Pioneer Village, Lockyer National Park, Lockyer National Park, Mount cross - Park, Gormans Gap Trail Viewing Platform, Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre, Queensland Museum Cobb+Co - Museum etc.

Toowoomba City famous Restaurants & accommodations: The city has some luxury and budget types hotels to stay days and nights. Its some popular restaurants are Sunshine Kebabs - Restaurant, August Moon - Chinese takeaway, Vapiano Grand Central - Italian restaurant, Betty's Burgers - Hamburger restaurant, Gelatissimo - Ice cream shop, The Cube Hotel - Steak house, GPO Bar & Cafe, Muller Bros - Restaurant etc.