Suginami City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 27-June-2022

About Suginami City destination: Suginami is a suburb of the Greater Tokyo in Japan country. Suginami city is situated in western of the Tokyo city centre which is good destination in capital city to explore local people social, culture and modern life activities. Suginami city has several famous places to visit such as museums, water parks, city parks and amusement parks etc. Tokyo is the largest populated city of the Japan country which is also a coastal city where also has the busiest international airport and seaport to foreign countries transport.

Suginami city is well connected to other Japanese domestic destinations via air transport, train transport, water transport and road transport. Suginami city is just 4.4 KM distance from Tokyo city centre, Sendai coastal city is just 360.9 KM distance, Niigata coastal city is just 313.7 KM distance, Fukuoka coastal city is exact 1084.5 KM distance, Osaka commercial city is just 494.2 KM distance and Nagoya city is exact 344.4 KM distance etc.

Japan vacation is good ides to enjoy holiday in Japan country where has several modern cities. Japan is a fully advanced developed country of the world while it come it Asia region which around has only sea water and does not connects any other land border. Actually, Japan is a land open country where foreign countries passengers can come via water transport and air transport. Japan mostly cities are also as coastal cities which also connected to other domestic and foreign countries via water transport. Japan country has several major cities which its most famous cities are Oska and Tokyo. Japan tour trip and Europe tour trip .

How can come to Suginami City: overseas countries people can come to Suginami city via water transport and air transport. Tokyo city also has international airport and seaport which connects city to other countries. people can come to Suginami city from other Japanese domestic destination via air, road, train and water transport. Japan country has advanced transport network compare than other countries of the world.

Haneda Airport - International airport: Haneda Airport is a busy airport of the Japan country where people can get air flights to foreign countries and domestic places also.

Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal: Hinode Pier is a cruise ship harbour where people can get water transport to foreign countries and Japanese other domestic destinations also.

Suginami City tourists attractions: Suginami local city has several famous places to visit which some are Suginami Animation Museum, tomotosi Museum of Contemporary City - Art museum, Provincial Museum annex - Local history museum, Irie Kazuko Silk Road Museum, Kichijoji Art Museum, Wadabori Park Seibiyama Athletic Field - Athletic track, Minamidai Icho Park, Suginami Public Hall - Concert hall, Ghibli Museum - Art museum, Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo, Asagaya Shinmeigū - Shinto shrine etc.

Suginami City famous Restaurants & accommodations: there are several famous hotels accommodations in Suginami city which includes luxury and affordable both types. Suginami city's some famous restaurants are The Hole In The Wall - British restaurant, The Old Arrow - Pub, MUSIC BAR / VOX - Modern izakaya restaurant, TaroKen - Ramen restaurant, Enoken - Ramen restaurant, Gelateria SINCERITA - Ice cream shop, Patisserie HANA - Pastry shop, Hanamichi - Ramen restaurant, Shokudo Shichisai - Ramen restaurant etc.