Japan Holiday to Shiretoko National Park Tour

Posted: by Admin; Date: 6-March-2021

About Shiretoko National Park Destination: Shiretoko National Park is located in northern of the Japan country and it is part of the Hokkaido Island. It is just 1519 KM far from Tokyo capital city. The National Park was established in 1964 and spread in 386 sq km area land. It is also is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. Here come lots of domestic tourists in summer season to watch natural snow capped mountains and deep forest.

How Can Reach to Shiretoko National Park: It is well connected via road transport to Shari town where tourists can get trains and air flights to other places of the Japan country.

By Air Transport: Memanbetsu Airport is the nearest domestic airport which is just 86.8 KM distance from Shiretoko National Park. Tourists can get here flights to Sapporo city, Tokyo city and Nagoya city.

By Train Transport: Shiretokoshari railway station is the nearest train station which is exact 38.2 KM distance from Shiretoko National Park. People can get here trains to other major cities like Sapporo and Tokyo.

By Road Transport: National Highway - 334 and NH -335 connects Shiretoko National Park to other places of the Japan country. It is just 37.6 KM distance from Shari town. Sapporo is exact 408.1 KM far, Tokyo capital city is exact 1519.0 KM distance, Osaka city is just 2010.6 KM far, Kyoto city is just 1965.7 KM distance and Hiroshima city is exact 2194.3 KM distance.

Things to Do near in Shiretoko National Park: there are many options to enjoy adventure and recreation in Shiretoko National Park like walking in forest, climb on mountains, photography, camping, boating, fishing, eat Japanese local foods, shopping Japanese memorable items.

Tourists attractions in Shiretoko National Park: people can visit many famous natural places in Shiretoko National Park which includes are the following.

Natural Places: Mount Shiretoko - Mountain peak, Mount Io - Mountain peak, Mount Minami - Mountain peak, Mount Rausu - Mountain peak, Tenchozan - Mountain peak, Kumanoyu Onsen - Outdoor bath, Rausu Lake, Mount Unabetsu - Mountain peak, Mount Shari - Mountain peak, Oronko Rock, Waterfall of Oshinkoshin etc.

Man Made Places: Shiretokomisaki lighthouse, Rusa Field House, Utoroonsen Yuhidai Hot Spring, Rausu Town Folk Museum, Utoro Fishing Port, Road to the sky observatory, Kitano Alpes Museum, Ikushina Wildflower Park etc. Japan trip holiday is a good idea to spend travel in Shiretoko National Park which is placed in Hokkaido Island of the Japan country.

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