Japan Tour to visit Osaka Holiday Destination

Posted : 25-July-2020

About Osaka City: Osaka is second largest populated metropolitan of the japan country after Tokyo city. It is just 506 KM distance from Tokyo capital city. It is also the second economy hub of the country after Tokyo. It is well connected with other parts of the country with modern transport system.

Osaka is a high density populated are of the country which is good place to explore Japanese people life style and social activities. If tourists want to visit modern Japan the Osaka is the good destination to watch modern life style with latest technology of the Japanese people.

How to Reach Osaka: Japan country has advanced transport system than other part of the world. Foreigner tourists can reach Osaka via cruise ship and air flights. Domestic tourists can reach Osaka via road, train, ferry and air flights.

By Air Transport: Its nearest major airport is Kansai International Airport where people can get international flights to lots of foreign countries direct. Airport is just 48 KM far from Osaka city centre.

By Train Transport: Osaka city also has bullet train station “Shin-Osaka Station” where tourists can get bullet trains to Tokyo, Hiroshima and other major cities of the country.

By Road Transport: Road network is very well in all Japan country. All major cities connected with expressway to reach quick on destination.

Things to Do in the Osaka: People can lots of activities in Osaka such as Watch Museums, Watch city Aquarium, watch movies, shopping in local market, boating & ferry trip, fishing, cruise ship riding, participate in local people festivals, eat local Japanese foods etc.

Tourists attractions in the Osaka: There are many tourist place to visit in Osaka some are the following Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Osaka Science Museum, Abeno Harukas - Business park, Toho Cinemas Umeda Annex - Movie theater, MOVIX Sakai - Movie theater, Theater Seven - Movie theater, Osaka Castle, Namba Grand Kagetsu - Performing arts theater, Nagai Park, J-GREEN SAKAI - Soccer field, Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku - Historical landmark, Bicycle Museum Cycle Center - Technology museum, Daisen Park Japanese Garden, Daian-ji mountain ancient tomb, Itasuke Kofun - Historical landmark, Kamiishizu Misanzai Kofun - Historical landmark, Hase Nisanzai Kofun - Historical landmark, Kasumigaoka Park, Shirasagi Park, Reinomiya Park, Hochigai Shrine, Sakai City Museum, Guwashobo Kofun etc. Japan Vacation Travel is a good plan to enjoy holiday in Osaka city of the Japan country.

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