Brisbane Tourist Places To Visit Australia

Posted : 6 - Oct - 2019

Brisbane is the most popular city of the Australia. A cosmopolitan and lively city, Brisbane is a scenic destination located amidst the subtropics of South-East Queensland in Australia. Brisbane came into limelight with the hosting of some major international sporting events more than two decades ago. Brisbane is a beautiful city which traces along the Brisbane River, unfailing alluring travelers with a breathtaking riverside and an equally appealing cultural scenario. The location of the city was first intended to be used for housing convicts, but later given in to the demands of the people for settlement purpose. Brisbane is an excellent destination for a laid-back family vacation where you can enjoy some historical architectures, as well as a number of wildlife sanctuaries and nature trails. Australia hotels available for advance booking.

Brisbane City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 21.4 21.2 19.8 16.5 13.0 10.8 9.2 9.7 12.9 15.8 18.3 20.1
Average High (℃) 29.1 29.1 28.0 26.0 23.6 21.3 20.9 22.0 24.2 25.4 26.9 28.2

The city center of Brisbane remains active, both during the daytime and afterwards with a happening nightlife. The city's most significant place is the King George Square which is dotted with a number of historical buildings, including the Museum of Brisbane and the City Hall. The William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane gives a panoramic view of the city skyline and is worth a visit. Travelers can easily roam around the city by bicycles, due to the existence of many bicycle paths. Footpaths can also be used to cycle your way around, but pedestrians have the first right anyway. The areas alongside the river have the best views. Public buses and cars are also easily available, and are quite preferable if you wish to visit Gold coast or Sunshine Coast. Ferries are also a fantastic way to travel across the city and its suburbs.

Australia as a Land Paradise Down Under

Darwin, located up in the 'Top End', is another spectacular winter haven from the colder climates of the south. This is outback Australia with the red earth, snakes, crocodiles and a dozen other things that can harm you. In other words, this is the kind of Australia you think of when you recall 'Crocodile Dundee'. During the winter months, the Northern Territory humidity levels drop and temperatures hover between 21 - 31 degrees C home to the iconic natural wonders of Kakadu National Park, Katherine and Uluru/Ayers Rock.

Distances from Brisbane city:

  • Gold Coast City : 77.8 KM
  • Sydney City : 957.4 KM
  • Melbourne City : 1668.1 KM
  • Perth City : 4316.2 KM
  • Adelaide City : 2020.7 KM

Booking your winter escapade to the clear blue skies of Australia's northern climes can be made easily. You're best option is to book a cheap flight with one of the budget airlines and if you're flying up cash in your points on your frequent flyer credit card. Booking ahead can pay dividends so keep your eye out for advertised bargains during mid-late summer. Alternatively, book late and take advantage of many of the enticing late deals. Australia tour package and Canada tour package are nice idea to visit both countries.

Whatever the reason is, Australia is still considered as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world, with having everything a traveler wants to do and see during a holiday. Spending a vacation down under with your loved ones is truly worthwhile and meaningful because of its beautiful and scenic spots that can be seen here, so you'll never go wrong choosing this country as your perfect holiday destination. In fact, most tourists consider Australia as a "Land Paradise Down Under" because you could feel like you're in a heaven's paradise while traveling around this country. With its crystal clear beaches, amazing sunshine coast, wildlife natural parks, tall and adventurous mountains, you can really have more time for yourself to unwind and relax.